What is Henna ?

Henna has been used for hundreds of years and is a natural plant dye. When applied to the skin, the henna produces a temporary stain - it is similar to a tattoo, but not permanent. Henna is completely natural, perfectly safe and painless.

Henna Leaves

Mehendi is the Hindi word used to describe the art of henna. Traditionally henna is applied on the hands and feet and is used for weddings and religious occasions such as Eid, Diwali and for the blessing on the birth of a child or to bring good fortune into one's home. Today henna is also used to temporarily decorate your body, as a form of self expression and body art.

Our HENNA is from SOJAT. Sojat city is world famous for its mehandi or henna (Heena) powder. Sojat city is India's largest producer of mehandi and more than 70% of the production is exported all over the world. The mehandi plantations are really worth a visit, as you will not find it anywhere.

The leaves of this plant are squashed and the paste is used to decorate the palms. People come here and apply mehandi to their palms and feet. The beautiful decorations of mehandi are unique and beautiful experience.

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